Warning of Impostors
Kanji ニセモノ注意報
Rōmaji Nisemono Chūihō
English Warning of Impostors
Song Information
Music and lyrics 150-P, Suzumu
Illustrations and Movie Komine, Saine
Characters B-ko
Sung by IA
Released Jun 10, 2012
NND Link NND Broadcast
YT Link [1]

Warning of Impostors (ニセモノ注意報) is the second uploaded song of the project.


The song starts when B-ko sees a news broadcast about doppelgangers, but thinks that it is a "stupid story" and ignores it. She then sees two people's (and her own) doppelgangers, these two people die soon after. Throughout the song, B-ko becomes increasingly anxious as she faces her coming death.


  • In the beginning and the end of the song, the weather forecast says: "Good morning. I report to you, today's weather forecast. Today, there are warnings of imitations in some areas. Please be careful."

Lyrics & TranslationEdit

(Good morning. I report to you, today's weather forecast.
Today, there are warnings of imitations in some areas. Please be careful)

One day, I heard such a rumor
who's looking glass is that?
"Today, a fake will appear ^q^"
the weather forecast conveys

I saw it yesterday, at that place
an imitation of you
it seems like such a stupid story anyways
so I pretend not to hear

Somewhere, in a world with an uncomfortable feeling
it seems to have been transferred

Hide and Seek
Mysterious Disappearance
it's all
just a fabrication. Right?

a doppelganger, a copying mirror of death
"It's like a dream, right? (laugh)" A child's lie
treating me like an idiot
the fairy tale becomes contaminated
turning round and round
the story of a single adventurer
no one listens,
no one believes
"Tell me why!"

Ah, with a whimsical brush, I draw
A Death God's game of tag

One day, I heard such a rumor
is that your looking glass?
"The fake will appear today too ><"
the nonsense of the weather forecast

"I saw it, at that place"
an imitation of that person
after three days, it’ll be game over
I won't believe such a delusion

That is a fairy tale of death
a death god with red eyes

It begins,
in demise?
this story
was for who's sake?
wait, wait, wait
game start?

Doppelganger, opposite mirrors
"It's not a lie?” a child's dream
suspecting, being sarcastic,
I don't know anymore, why, why?
turning round and round
a lonely war of proxies,
step forward
now, since you are a player
rolling down
"what, why?"

it can’t be reset anymore, so I just run
from the Death God’s game of tag

Sending the shadow, *'s scent
you forgot to write it, your *
the end comes, this maze
it doesn't *

Shadow tag, it’s the shadow’s win,
"It's not a dream!" "a child's lie? (laughs)"
treating me like an idiot
stop it, stop it
I'm not a fake
Turning round and round
the constant state of a scenario of demise
no one listens,
no one believes
"Someone, please..."

A doppelganger, someone listen
and don’t forget, a child's dream?
they suspected, and were sarcastic,
I'll stop it, so why, why?

Turning round and round
the bookmark and adventure book’s story,
is it over now?
the cat and bookmark?
well then, see you later?
game over
"See you later"[1]

Aru hi kiita son'na uwasa dareka no sugatami?
"kyou wa nisemono ga demasu ^ q ^" tsutaeru tenkiyohou
kinou mita yo ano basho ni anata no nisemono
douse kuso mitaina hanashi kikoenai furi shite

doko ka iwakan no aru sekai ni
utsusareta you desu

kakurenbo kageboushi kakinokoshi kamikakushi
zenbu zenbu zenbu zenbu esoragoto daro?

dopperugengaa utsushi kagami
"yume mitaida ne" kodomo no uso
Baka ni shite sa azawaratte sa
kegashite yuku otogibanashi
meguri meguru hitori no boukensha no monogatari sa
dare mo kiitenai dare mo shinjinai
"nande kotaete"

aa kimagurena fude de egakarete yuku
shinigami no onigokko

aru hi kiita son'na uwasa anata no sugatami?
"kyou mo nisemono ga demasu ><" zaregoto no tenkiyohou
"watashi mita yo ano basho de" aitsu no nisemono
mikka tattara geemu oobaa mousou shinjirarenai

sore wa hitotsu no meruhen death
akai hitomi no shinigami

ugokidasu shuuen e? monogatari dare no tame?
matte, matte, matte, matte, geemu staato?

dopperugengaa awase kagami
"uso ja nai no?" kodomo no yume
utagatte sa hiniku itte sa
mou wakan'nai nande nande?
meguri meguru kodoku no
dairi sensou fumidashite
ima pureiyaa kara
"nani ga doushite"

mou risetto dekinai tada hashiri saru
shinigami no onigokko

kage okuri ※ no nioi
kaki sobireta kimi no ※
owari ga kuru kono meiro

kagefumi kage no shouri
"yume ja nai no!" "kodomo no uso?"
baka ni shite sa azawaratte sa
yamete yamete nisemono ja nai
mawari mawaru shinario
shuuen e no kansuto joutai
dare mo kiitenai dare mo shinjinai
"dare ka watashi wo"

dopperugengaa dare ka kite
uso ja nai yo kodomo no yume?
utagatteta hiniku itteta
mou yameru kara nande nande?
meguri meguru shiori to boukensho no monogatari sa
kore de owari? neko to shiori?
sore ja mata ne? geemu oobaa

"mata ne"


ある日聴いたそんな噂 誰かの姿見?
「今日はニセモノが出ます^q^」 伝える天気予報
昨日見たよ あの場所に あなたのニセモノ
どうせクソみたいな話 聞こえない振りして


隠レンボ 影法師 書キ残シ 神隠シ
全部 全部 全部 全部 絵空事だろ?

ドッペルゲンガー 写死鏡(うつしかがみ)
「夢みたいだね?笑」 子供の嘘
馬鹿にしてさ あざ笑ってさ
穢してゆく おとぎ話
巡り巡る 一人の 冒険者の物語さ
誰も聴いてない 誰も信じない

嗚呼 気まぐれな筆で 描かれてゆく

ある日聴いたそんな噂 あなたの姿見?
「今日もニセモノが出ます><」 戯れ言 天気予報
「私見たよ あの場所で」 彼奴(アイツ)のニセモノ
三日(みっぴ)経ったらゲームオーバー 妄想 信じられない

ソレハ ヒトツノ メルヘン death

動き出す 終焉へ? 物語 誰のため?
待って 待って 待って 待って ゲームスタート?

ドッペルゲンガー 合わせ鏡
「嘘じゃないの?」 子供の夢
疑ってさ 皮肉言ってさ
もうわかんない なんで なんで?
巡り巡る 孤独の
代理戦争 踏み出して
今 プレイヤーから

もう リセットできない ただ走り去る

影贈り ※の匂い
書きそびれた 君の※
終わりが来る この迷路
※たくない ※たくない

影踏み 影の勝利
馬鹿にしてさ あざ笑ってさ
やめてやめて ニセモノじゃない
周り回る シナリオ
誰も聴いてない 誰も信じない

『ドッペルゲンガー?』 誰か聴いて
「嘘じゃないよ?」 子供の夢
疑ってた 皮肉言ってた
もうやめるから なんで なんで?
巡り巡る 栞と冒険書の物語さ
これで終わり? 猫の栞?
それじゃまたね? ゲームオーバー



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