Shuuen –Re:write-
ReWrite - Cover
Kanji 終焉 –Re:write-
Rōmaji Shuuen –Re:write-
English Demise –Re:write-
Song Information
Release Date February 27th 2013
Track Number 25 Tracks
Number of discs 1 (2 + DVD in Limited Edition)
Type Album
Label Victor Entertainment
Price ¥2,300 (regular), ¥3,000 (limited)

Shuuen –Re:write- (終焉 –Re:write-) is 150-P's first full album and is completely dedicated to the Shuuen no Shiori Project. It contains 25 tracks in total, 12 songs and 13 instrumentals. They are sung mainly by the VOCALOIDs Miku Hatsune, Rin Kagamine, GUMI, IA and MAYU. There are 8 new tracks added to the ones previously published. It is available in a limited or regular edition.

Song listsEdit

Disc 1

  1. 「-Hankou Seimei-」(instrumental) / Claimed Responsibility-
  2. Shuumatsu -Re:write- / Conclusion -Re:write-
  3. 「-Furuboketa Nikki -」(instrumental) / The Old Diary
  4. Shuuen no Shiori / Boomark of Demise
  5. 「-Hitori Bocchi Yuugi-」(instrumental) / Lonely Play
  6. Kodoku no Kakurenbo / Lonely Hide-and-Seek
  7. 「-Tsukurareta Kyakuhon-」(instrumental) / Hand-written Screenplay
  8. Kanzen Hanzai Love Letter / Perfect Crime Love Letter
  9. 「-Ikichigai no Denwa-」(instrumental) / Misplaced Phone
  10. Re: Fuzai Chakushin / Re:Missed Call
  11. 「-Shiranai Futago-」(instrumental) / Unknown Twins
  12. Nisemono Chuuihou / Warning of Imposters
  13. 「-Awase Kagami-」(instrumental) / Aligned Mirrors
  14. Saru-mane Isu Tori Game / Aimless Imitation Chair-Stealing Game
  15. 「-Yuganda Doukei-」(instrumental) / Distorted Admiration
  16. Re: Heikou Koi-sen / Re:Parallel Love Line
  17. 「-Nichijou to Butaiura-」(instrumental) / Everyday and Behind-the-Scene
  18. Makeinu Shijoushugi / Underdog Supremacy
  19. 「-Itsuwari no Nyuugakushiki-」(instrumental) / Entrance Ceremony of Deceit
  20. Ryouki-teki High School Life / Bizarre High School Life
  21. 「-Hajimari no Kane-」(instrumental) / Bell of Beginning
  22. Arikitari Heroes / Common Heroes
  23. 「-Itsumo no Hi-」(instrumental) / A Usual Day
  24. Heibonna Nichijou / Mundane Everyday
  25. 「-Butai Aisatsu-」(instrumental) / Greetings from the Stage


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