Perfect Crime Love Letter
Kanji 完全犯罪ラブレター
Rōmaji Kanzen Hanzai Raburetā
English Perfect Crime Love Letter
Song Information
Music and lyrics 150-P, Suzumu
Characters C-ta
Sung by IA
Released June 23, 2012
NND Link NND Broadcast
YT Link YT Broadcast

Perfect Crime Love Letter (完全犯罪ラブレター) is the third uploaded song of the project. This song is based on the urban legend, Mearry-san.[1]


The song tells about C-ta, who constantly receives messages from an unknown person called @mearry1713. Throughout the song, he keeps receiving strange messages while having flashbacks to the past. At the end of the song, we see C-ta, bloody after killing A-ya. He had convinced himself to kill the "fox", which he had mistaken for A-ya.

Lyrics & TranslationEdit

いつも通り 賑わうテレビに
君の名前が 流れていたんだ
退屈そうに 笑う君の顔
なんでなんだろ 思い出していた

名前の無い 手紙をもらった
鍵がついた にこへの言の葉
誰からだろ 1と1の君


嗚呼 君は何を待っているんだろ
ほら にこ宛の置き手紙
ねえ 誰なの 誰なの
なにしてるの 届かない

いつも通り 名無しの言の葉が
にこの元へ また届いたんだ

名前の無い 手紙を見てると
猫が泣いた 「変な顔すんな」
光る文字盤 もう訳分かんない


もう にこはどうしちゃったんだろ
ほら にこ宛の置き手紙
ねえ 知ってるの 知ってるの
ほらにこがいるよ にこがいるよ


ねぇ? 愉快でしょ 楽しかったでしょ
だから返してよ さあ


これは にこだけの物語
ほらすごいでしょ すごいでしょ
暇つぶしの おとぎ話

Itsumodōri nigiwau terebini
Kimi no namae ga nagarete ita nda
Taikutsu-sō ni warau kimi no kao
Nandena ndaro omoide shite ita

Namae no nai tegami o moratta
Kagi ga tsuita boku e no kotonoha
Dare karadaro 1 (ichi) to 1 (ichi) no kimi
“Watashi wa ima ano basho ni iru no”

Guruguru to mawaru shikō ni
Tegami ga todoita Aa .. Kimi wa nani o matte iru ndaro

Hora boku ate no okitegami
Atchi kotchi waratteru
Nē darena no darena no
Kotaete yo
Sore wa haribote no monogatari?
Kitto kitto magaimono
Ima, doko ni iru no
Nani shi teru no todokanai
Kimi ate no namonai raburetā

Itsumodōri nanashi no kotonoha ga
Boku no moto e mata todoita nda
“Watashi wa ima, kurai kono heya de”
“Akaku hikaru”
“Tsuki o mi teru no”

Namae no nai tegami o mi teruto
Neko ga naita
“Hen'nakao sun na”
“Ano yoru to onaji, tsuki no iroda ne”
Hikaru moji-ban mō wake wakan'nai

Guruguru to mawaru fuan e
Yōkiru shōkei mō
Boku wa dō shi chatta ndaro
Hora boku ate no okitegami
Atchi kotchi waratteru
Nē shitteru no shitteru no
Oshiete yo
Sore wa haribote no monogatari?
Zenbu zenbu shinjinai
Hora boku ga iru yo boku ga iru yo
Kimi no tame
Mata todoku namonai raburetā

Okashī na kanpekidattanoni
Doko de kidzuita no?
“Sō boku ga koroshita”

Nee? Yukaidesho tanoshikattadesho
Dakara kaeshi teyo sā
Boku no kanzen hanzai o
Buchikowashi no kyakuhon o

「Watashi, ima anata no heya no mae ni iru no」

Kore wa boku dake no monogatari
Ahaha ahaha ahahahaha
Hora sugoidesho sugoidesho
Boku sura damasu, engi
Himatsubushi no otogibanashi
Tamaranai suriringu
Sā dete oideyo
Keshite ageru
Boku no tame
Mata todoku saigo no raburetā
Hora “anata no ushirokara”

Just as it always is In the crowded television
Your name was displayed
As if bored, your laughing face
I wonder why? I remembered

I received a letter with no name
A key was attacted Words directed to you
I wonder who it’s from? One-on-one with you
“I’m in that place right now”

Turning ‘round and ‘round in consideration
A letter was received

Ah, I wonder what you could be waiting for
Look, the left-behind letter adressed to me
Laughing here and there
Hey Who is it? Who is it?
Answer me
Is that a paper mache story?
Surely, surely, it’s a fake
Where are you right now?
What are you doing? It won’t reach
The nameless love letter addressed to you

Just as always, the unnamed words are
sent to my source, I’ve received it again
“I’m in this dark room right now”
“I’m looking at”
“The shining, red moon”

Reading a letter with no name
The cat cried, “Don’t make a weird face”
“The color of the moon is the same as that night, isn’t it?”
The shining clock face I don’t understand it anymore

Turning ‘round and ‘round towards anxiety
The scene you came across

I wonder, how did I do it?
The left-behind letter addressed to me
Laughing here and there
Hey Did you know? Did you know?
Answer me
That’s a paper mache story?
I can’t believe any of it at all
Look, I’m here I’m here
For your sake
I received another nameless love letter

That’s strange Despite it being perfect
Where did you realize it?
“Yes, I killed him”

Hey It’s amusing, right? It was fun, right?
That’s why, give it back to me
My perfect crime
The screenplay for the butchery
This is

“Right now, I’m in front of your room”

This is only my story
Look, it’s amazing, right? It’s amazing, right?
I can ever put up an act
A fairy tale to kill time
The thrill isn’t enough
Come out, come out
I’ll erase you
For my sake
I received it again, the last love letter

Look, “from behind you”

Derivative WorksEdit


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