D-ne admires her a lot, often complimenting her and telling her that she likes the way she acts.[1] It also seems that B-ko is her personal idol, as she wishes to be exactly like her. She is extremely envious of her beauty and popularity, because of the fact that she has no friends herself, while B-ko is friends with all of them and seems to have many secret admirers.[2]
In the first chapter of the manga, C-ta comments that B-ko seems to have a a soft spot for D-ne, but instead she just responds in an annoyed way, telling him to shut up.[1]
She also has a crush on B-ko, and admits it to her without embarrassment. She promises to protect her, and even steals her first kiss.


D-ne feels irritated by C-ta. She tells him that he is almost like a reflection of herself. She calls him an empty existence.


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