Manga Plot

Lonely Hide and Seek (Part 1)

D-ne appears when B-ko is ranting at A-ya for making up rumors about her, interrupting her anger with saying that she likes her dual nature. B-ko, however, responds that this comment sounds like she was saying she would have a split personality. C-ta, another acquaintance of them, comments on how B-ko apparently always had a soft spot for D-ne and how it really sometimes seems like there are two different B-kos around.
When A-ya tells the three others about the fact that he feels like being watched every day, she asks him if he is sure about it not being his parents, and he denies this question with further explanation.
Along with the other three, she is told by A-ya to try Kokkuri again, to obtain the Book and Bookmark of Demise, since their previous attempt failed.