Kanji D音
Rōmaji D-ne
Alias Sarumane (Fan Name)
Birthday August 29[1]
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Purple
Status Deceased[citation needed]
Voice Actors
Japanese Aizawa Mai[citation needed]

D-ne (D音) is one of the female main protagonists. She had her debut in the song Warning of Impostors, which tells about her being the doppelganger of B-ko, whom she admires.


D-ne has long, purple hair and blue eyes. She is mostly seen wearing her school uniform. After becoming B-ko's doppelganger, she has short hair, like B-ko, with a blue ribbon in her hair.


D-ne is a quiet girl who admires B-ko a lot. She often compliments B-ko and tells her that she likes her. Despite her shy nature, she enjoys poking fun at people until she hits a nerve. She is also quite blunt. She will genuinely express her feelings no matter the situation, and will seemingly go out of her way to do so. Despite this, she seems to lack a hold on her own identity, and even as a young child would attempt to copy the identities of those she loved. She also seems to be quite jealous, as when she realized she could not copy the object of her affections she would become angry and abandon them. 
D-ne does not get crushes often, having only two in her entire life, however, she becomes infatuated with whoever she is in love with, bordering on obsession. She will put the person on a pedestal and find their every action to be appealing. 





  • D-ne revealed that she is in love with B-ko.[2]



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