Kanji C太
Rōmaji C-ta
Alias Kanzen (Fan Name)
Gender Male
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Light Brown
Status Deceased
Voice Actors
Japanese Terashima Takuma

C-ta (C太) is one of the main characters of the story. He had his debut in the song Perfect Crime Love Letter.


C-ta has light brown hair and green eyes. He is the tallest of the main characters, and is mostly seen wearing his school uniform. He is also described as an ikemen or good-looking.


C-ta is the most calm and level-headed of the four main characters. He often makes fun of A-ya and B-ko's bickering. He is skilled at making fun of people and smiles a lot. He is shown to be popular, but has difficulty talking to girls. He also speaks for A-ya a lot, chiming in to help him every so often.[1]
In reality, C-ta is the most mentally unstable. As a child he and A-ya always played together because their families were friends. A-ya, normally anti-social, often did not express his thoughts or feelings, leaving C-ta to do it for him. Because of this, C-ta had a hero complex for a while, believing that A-ya was useless without him. This was reinforced when A-ya once thanked him for everything, leading him to hold an obsessive desire to monopolize A-ya for himself. He even placed microphones, tracking devices, and cameras into A-ya's house and room, claiming that it was to protect him because he was A-ya's 'one and only best friend'.
C-ta has a dangerous co-dependency on A-ya, meaning that he is dependent on A-ya's dependence. However, C-ta holds a beautified version of A-ya in his mind's eye; an A-ya that was helpless and wholly dependant on C-ta, who confided his thoughts with only C-ta and would never harm another person. If A-ya ever breaks any parts of his mental image, it causes C-ta to go spiraling into depression and strengthen his desire to monopolize A-ya even more. 





  • A-ya's bunny plush was a gift from C-ta to A-ya when they were younger.[2]
  • He has a Twitter account「@Cta_bokukakkoii」as seen in the video.[3]
  • He’s the most popular among the Shuuen group's illustrators.[4]


  • "But it's not like he meant to tell a pointless lie... right, A-ya?" - Unknown Source
  • "You're so helpless, A-ya." - Unknown Source
  • "I am the only one who can save A-ya." - Unknown Source


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