Urban Legends

Lonely Hide and Seek

The way the game works is by taking a stuffed doll with limbs, and replacing the insides of the doll with rice. Afterwards a red thread is used to sew the doll back together. Salt water is placed in a chosen hiding space, and the doll is placed in a water-filled bathtub. "First one to be it is (your own name)" is said three times, then you hide in your hiding place and count to ten. You then return to the doll and stab it, and say "Next one to be it is (doll's name)" three times. After that, you hide until you wish to stop the game, where you put some salt water in your mouth, go out to look for the doll. When the doll is found, spit out the salt water over it and say "I win." three times, then pour the remaining salt water over it, burn the doll and sprinkle salt in every corner of the house. People have said they have had strange experiences playing this game, such as the TV or radio turning on by itself, etc.[1]


The legend is that if you see of a person that is the same as the person which views it (being an evil "persona"), when you see this "person", you're said to die after three days.


The original story is about a girl moving in to a neighborhood and throwing away a childhood doll in the meanwhile. One day when she is home alone she gets a telephone call, "I am Merry, now... I am at the dump site". The calls continue until 'Merry' says that she's at the front door. The girl goes over and opens the door, nobody is there. She then gets a text saying "I'm behind you"

Monkey's Paw

The story starts with the White family who had a good house, reputation, ect. They had one son who worked at the iron works called Herbert, when sergeant major-Morris returned from his time of war, he returned with gifts and one such gift was the Monkey's Paw. When major-Morris was in the area he visited the Whites and told them of his adventures and battles, Herbert was a slightly greedy boy and without a "Hello" he asked "Did you bring me a present?" His mother gave him a chilling look, but with a laugh major-Morris reached into his bag and grabbed out the Monkey's Paw. Major-Morris told Herbert it would grant him three wishes but Herbert didn't believe him, yet still took it because of how gross and creepy it looked, since he thought it didn't have magic powers, when the sergeant left he placed the Paw on a cushion a soon forgot about it. A few days later Herbert's dad asked Herbert if he had wished on the Paw, Herbert said he hadn't because it wasn't Magic so the mother tried it by wishing for 200 pounds, The Paw did nothing and no money came. Until the next day. It turns out their had been an accidents: Herbert had been running around and accidentally fell into a hot pool of molten iron. Herbert died in seconds, his parents grieved for him and for compensation received 200 pounds. The parents realized the Paw had granted their wish so they then wished for Herbert to come back. The Monkey's Paw did nothing. Until the next day. At two o'clock in the morning someone knocked on the Whites door, they knew it must have been Herbert since no one else would be knocking their door at this hour. The person at the door was Herbert but not as the parents knew him. He was a mass of blistering sores what skin that was not covered in sores was completely blackened. He was literally melting and if it hadn't been for the fact that he was wearing tattered clothes he wouldn't of been recognizable as a person at all. He smiled but the smile was menacing he made to step over the threshold. But Mr White leaped up and slammed the door shut. 'What are you doing?' screeched Mrs White. 'He's not our son don't you see? He's a monster!' At that moment Herberts fists crashed against the door and he let out a mighty roar of hatred. 'He's mutilated and filled with hatred!' and with that he grabbed the monkey paw and wished: 'Make my son dead forever!' and this time the wish was instant, the banging stopped Mrs White opened the door and no-one was there. In the days that past the White's got a telephone call, it was the Sargent. 'Why the hell did you give us that paw?' yelled Mr.White down the phone. The Sargeant replied: 'An old holy man gave it to me on my travels he had cast a spell on it, he wanted to show that fate ruled over peoples lives and anybody that interfered with it did so at their own risk.' and with that the phone disconnected leaving Mr White in a state of shock.[citation needed]

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