Bookmark Of Demise
Bookmark of Demise - Song
Rōmaji Shuuen No Shiori
English Bookmark Of Demise
Song Information
Music and lyrics Suzumu
Illustrations and Movie Komine
Characters A-ya, B-ko, C-ta, D-ne
Sung by IA
Released August 09, 2013
NND Link Nico Broadcast
YT Link Youtube Broadcast
Album Demise-Re:write

Bookmark Of Demise (終焉ノ栞)


Lyrics & TranslationEdit

色褪せてゆく 思い出はもう途暈けたモノクロ
取り戻そうか さあ 『平凡』を
これも思い出に 今すぐ この手で


偶然 退屈凌ぎにさ
不透明 はじめたこのゲーム
さあ 全知全能答えをくれる

これからの君へ 訪れる 名無しのダンジョン
一粒の勇気 連れ出そう 夢の続きと
終焉へ 未来を

シナリオ不在 壊れかけのファンタジー

暗転 転がるサイコロは
反転 筒抜けのプロローグ
願った代償 意味をそっと胸に納めた
そう 逆さかくれんぼ

これからの僕ら ト古する 名無しの言の葉
一粒の本気 見つけ出そう 夢の続きと
終焉へ この手で

たちふさぐゲーム 突き出された
一粒の覚悟 連れ出そう 夢の続きを


顔無しの鬼と かくれんぼ 勝つのは僕ら
信じる友情 連れ出そう 猫の栞と
終焉に はばたけ

What color is the page of beginning?
What color is the sunset we saw that day?
The faded memories are already on their way to a blurred monochrome
Come, it seems we'll be able to get it back, our "ordinary"
This too, will soon be a memory, with this hand

The ringing bell signaled that school was over
A predictable lifestyle was a little joyous
"What should we talk about today?" Things like that
It's pointless, isn't it?
Somehow or other, four were gathered

By chance, we withstand the boredom
Unclearly, this game began
Hold out that distant, compensating finger
Now, all-knowing one, answer me
A fairy tale dream

What color is the page of beginning?
The flower that bloomed that day is the rainbow of a smile
I'm coming to visit you now, in the nameless dungeon
It seems we'll be able to take a grain of courage, with the dream's continuation
Towards the end, with the future

A whimsical scene painted with the tip of a brush
A lone death reaper that gave its first cry upon birth
and the absent scenario, the corrupted fantasy
The author unknown, a possible race for clever people

The rolling dice are a blackout
Reversed, the leaked prologue
A price that was wished for, the meaning paid quietly to the chest
Find the no-faced demon
Yes, it's inverted hide-and-seek

What color is the page of beginning?
Was the smile of the flower that bloomed that day a fake?
Our nameless words that will age from now
It seems we'll be able to find a grain of seriousness, with the dream's continuation
Towards the end, with this hand

The page of beginning is colored gray
The flower that bloomed that day withered and fell into a miracle
The interrupted game extruded
Nameless rules
It seems we'll be able to bring out a grain of resolution, with the dream's continuation


What color is the story of beginning?
The flower that withered that day, and the world, is monochrome
Against the faceless demon and hide-and-seek, we are the winners
It seems we'll be able to bring out the friendship we believe in, with the cat bookmark
We'll fly to the end[1]


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