D-ne idolizes B-ko and admires her, often complimenting her and telling her that she likes the way she acts.[1]
In the first chapter of the manga, C-ta comments that B-ko seems to have a a soft spot for D-ne, but instead she just responds in an annoyed way, telling him to shut up.[1]
She seems surprised when D-ne stole her first kiss, but she isn't sure of how she feels about it.
D-ne killed B-ko with scissors.


B-ko and A-ya fist met when A-ya had spread a rumor that she was a troublemaker in her middle school. The two officially met when B-ko confronted him about the rumor after she correctly guessed the culprit was him. In a fit of frustration she took off her mask of perfection and demanded why he did that, to which he replied that he was doing a survey of the power of rumors connected to famous people, which in this case, was B-ko. A-ya then asked how she knew he did it, to which B-ko replied that he was the only one that wasn't studying people's reaction for no reason, which A-ya found interesting. He sees him and B-ko as both who live for rumors despite their opposite vectors.
After that incident A-ya continued spreading rumors about her, which let her know the difference between school rumors and his rumors, like how she knew it was A-ya who spread the rumor about her doppelganger on that day.
It was revealed in the manga that B-ko had a crush on A-ya, but it is unknown whether he knew this.