Kanji A弥
Rōmaji A-ya
Alias Kodoku (Fan Name)
Birthday January 08[1]
Gender Male
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Black
Status Presumed Dead
First Appearance
manga 01. Lonely Hide and Seek (Part 1)
Voice Actors
Japanese Ogata Megumi

A-ya (A弥) is one of main characters of the story. He had his debut in the song Hide and Seek of Isolation.


A-ya has red eyes with shadows underneath them and black hair with an ahoge on the top of his head. He is usually seen wearing his school uniform, but sometimes he wears his casual clothes which consist of a black sweatshirt with stripes on the side and black trousers. [2] He has slight sanpaku eyes where there is white space below his irises. [3]


A-ya is a rather quiet, unsocial student with the unusual hobby to start rumors. The purpose behind this is giving his usually boring life an exciting twist, as he greatly dislikes his life as it currently is and seeks for the thrill of fear and his interest in urban legend.





  • He is childhood friends with C-ta.
  • His bunny plush was a gift from C-ta when they were younger.
  • He feels a "gaze" on him 24/7, which actually is C-ta that watches him through cameras he placed in A-ya's house.
  • His death in the main universe was shown when C-ta stabbed him after C-ta saw A-ya stabbing the rabbit plush and naming it "C-ta" to play One Man Hide-and-Seek.
  • According to 150-P and Suzumu, his urban legend was One Man Hide-and-Seek.
  • He has pale skin compared to other characters



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