Warning of Impostors (Part 2)
Chapter 04
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Volume Volume 01
Chapter Chapter 04
Release date May 07, 2013 (Fan Translation)
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Warning of Impostors (Part 1) Warning of Impostors (Part 3)

Warning of Impostors (Part 2) is the fourth chapter of the Shuuen No Shiori Manga.


Starting from where Chapter 3 ended, B-ko talks about her kiss with D-ne in chapter 3, it being her first kiss. Thinking about the mysterious death of her classmate and about it being related to the Bookmark of Demise and D-ne suddenly giving her a kiss. After noticing that her uniform got D-ne's scent on it, she sprays it with perfume while stating that she hates it when scents are left behind no matter who it's from. She later notices that the ribbon she wears wasn't on her after checking on the mirror. Then she receives a text message from D-ne, asking if she was okay. She was having a normal conversation until she was asked what she was doing in front of the station. She tells D-ne that she has been at her house the whole time. Then she remembers the "rumor" that A-ya has spread. Then she looks for her ribbon in her bag, where she finds the letter that contains the demands of the bookmark. After looking at her desk she finds the Book and Bookmark of The Demise sitting there. After that incident the school was closed for a week because of the mysterious death of her classmate. B-ne avoided contact with her family and stayed in her room. After the second day she decided to get rid of the book, by throwing it in the bushes of a park.

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