Warning of Impostors
Chapter 03
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Volume Volume 01
Chapter Chapter 03
Release date April 02, 2013 (Fan Translation)
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Lonely Hide and Seek (Part 2) Warning of Impostors (Part 2)

Warning of Impostors (Part 1) is the third chapter of the Shuuen No Shiori Manga.


Chapter 3 tells the events of chapter 1 through B-ko's perspective. B-ko explains how when she was little her family moved a lot so as a result she went went to a variety of schools, in an attempt to not make any enemies and to get along with whoever she met, B-ko adopted a sweet, kind, and modest personality despite the fact that she's actually aggressive, loud, and rough. Also she describes her first meeting with A-ya when a rumor was going around school that she was a delinquent in middle school. After running to A-ya by chance in the hallway she soon discovered A-ya was the one spreading the rumors. Angry, she yelled at A-ya accidentally revealing her aggressive side. Since A-ya continued spreading rumors about her she got used to chasing him down and found out that he usually went an old building after-school. Interested, B-ko soon became involved, and began participating in the meetings with A-ya, C-ta, and D-ne to discuss rumors after-school. One day B-ko is hanging out with D-ne on the roof of the school when they hear two kids talking about a rumor about B-ko having an impostor. B-ko assumes that A-ya started the rumor and she and D-ne go to confront him. They head to the old building to discover that only C-ta is there and that A-ya hadn't arrived yet. B-ko complains to C-ta about A-ya's attitude, but C-ta only manages to make B-ko angrier by responding casually and praising A-ya's rumors. A-ya arrives and B-ko begins to yell at him, and A-ya tells B-ko that if someone saw her aggressive side they might actually believe her kind self is an impostor. Before B-ko can respond, D-ne intervenes and compliments B-ko saying that she likes her dual personality. After D-ne succeeds in calming B-ko down C-ta comments that B-ko has a soft spot for D-ne. Afterwards, A-ya soon brings up the "Bookmark of demise," and he says he wants to try Kokourri again. While playing, it is revealed that B-ko has a crush on someone. B-ko is annoyed thinking that A-ya will use it as material for another rumor. B-ko asks D-ne if she has a likes anyone and it is revealed that she does and D-ne says that she like B-ko. After they're done playing all four hear ominous words talking about a fox and the begging of the game, and after going home B-ko struggles falling asleep. The next day, the incident that occurred at the beginning of chapter 1 is revealed and B-ko questions A-ya,C-ta, and D-ne about who showed the the games rules to an outsider. After receiving no answers B-ko feels very nervous and gets scared. While sitting with D-ne in the library B-ko confesses her fears to D-ne and promised that she didn't show the letter. D-ne cuts off B-ko and tells her that since she likes B-ko she won't allow anyone to hurt her. Relieved B-ko thanks D-ne,saying she likes D-ne a lot too. She is taken by surprise when D-ne abruptly leans over her saying she wasn't lying earlier and the chapter ends with D-ne taking B-ko by surprise and kissing her.

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