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Chapter 03-5
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Volume Volume 01
Chapter Chapter 03.5
Release date July 04, 2013 (Fan Translation)
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03. Warning of Impostors (Part 1) 04. Warning of Impostors (Part 2)

Chapter 03.5. is a special chapter of the Shuuen no Shiori manga, between chapter three and four.


  • A-ya and Cell Phone: The first page of this special chapter shows a short comic strip of A-ya, who uses his phone in bed, until it suddenly falls onto his face and he shakes in pain.
  • Mysterious Laughter: The second page shows another short comic strip. B-ko tells the small group about a rumor that says laughter can be heard in the old school building. D-ne, however, points out that this rumor is probably just about them and B-ko has to agree.
  • B-ko's Ribbon: This last comic strip shows D-ne, who tells B-ko how good the ribbon she is wearing looks on her. C-ta monotonously agrees, which makes B-ko angry, so she angrily suggests he tries them on for once. As A-ya walks into the room, C-ta awaits his help, but instead of helping him, A-ya just gives him a semi-shocked expression and leaves again, thinking his childhood friend is actually a crossdresser.

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