Lonely Hide and Seek (Part 2)
Chapter 02
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Volume Volume 01
Chapter Chapter 02
Release date March 01, 2013 (Fan Translation)
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01. Lonely Hide and Seek (Part 1) 03. Warning of Impostors (Part 1)

Lonely Hide and Seek (Part 2) is the second chapter of the Shuuen no Shiori manga.


After A-ya's suggestion, the group decides to perform Kokkuri-san again in order to acquire the Bookmark of Demise. They have to question everyone in the group, and it is revealed that B-ko has someone she likes. At home, A-ya feels that he is watched more than ever. He gets paranoid and hides under a blanket. He turns on the TV to have some noise so he can calm down, but it doesn't help him a lot.
The next day, to A-ya's horror, he finds a letter in his locker. He remembers the rules of demise, that Kokkuri-san's demands will be sent via letter. His "friend" believes that it is a love letter and asks to take a look. A-ya remembers that if anyone outside the game reads it, they will die, but he still lets him take a look. When his "friend" is found dead, A-ya is absolutely horrified and asks himself if it was his fault or not. He doesn't come out from his room for a week, and his parents get concerned. But A-ya soon realizes that he will die if he doesn't follow Kokkuri-san's demands within a week, and decides to perform one-man hide and seek. He uses an old bunny plush and names it after "that guy".  Meanwhile he can still feel that he is being watched. A-ya doesn't want to die, and begins to ask himself who the traitor is. While he is hiding, he begins to hear footsteps even though he was supposed to be alone.When he sees the source of the footsteps, he makes a scared expression asking why they are here.
In the news, it is told that the body of a male student was discovered in his own room, stabbed by a blade. It is also mentioned that he was discovered with a cellphone tightly clutched in his hands. The chapter ends with the words: "It's your turn..."

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